Monday, May 11, 2009

Who's that girl?

Well Wildmant has a new spokesperson, personality, model???? Yes, we would like to introduce the fabulously delicious Carlos, the Fashion Mannequin.


Carlos first hit the scene two years ago when he auditioned to be a product model. He got a few pics in, but his career did not take off. He was still a little too young and stiff.

But then he started working in the offices of Wildmant and was a regular hands-on employee. He became our perfect size Medium fit model and really pointed out flaws in each new design.


The praise of such great work pushed him further into the Wildmant spotlight. He was becoming ‘scene’ at hot pool parties, nightlife mags and occasional fashion magazines.


Now Carlos is proud to be Wildmant’s first Fashion Mannequin Personality. Bringing you the inside scoop, the deals and just her personal favorites.

Keep your eye out for Carlos, who knows what that crazy scene-queen will do next! 

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