Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jocks Jocks Jocks!

I love jocks.  And not just the athletic kinds or a certain region of the male form...but jockstraps.  Let's face it, they are hot.  WildmanT is excited to announce the release of a couple new jockstraps to go with their line.  

The first is the Military Jock.  It uses a rugged, ribbed, military band creating a very masculine feel.  Plus, the contoure pouch that fits your goodies perfectly.  It comes in the three military colors, olive green, black, and blue.  Very sexy, very hot.

Next up, a variation of the Military Jock, the Speed Jock.  Same cut, same rugged sexy band, same contour fit.  This version has the black contrast racer stripe down the front drawing your attention to all the right spots.  Comes in sporty yellow and blue.

Last, but not least, the Contrast Band Jock.  This jock has the same great contour fit, but it sports a contrast color waist.  This fashion jock comes in two fun colors;  Peach and Baby Blue.

Get all three for your collection!

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