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Nice package!

Friday Sep 19, 2008

Women in our society may have to struggle with many things, but appearing sexy and showing off their "goodies" is not one of them. In that arena, they’re given all the tools.

We men on the other hand, are completely shafted.

Of course women have the more obvious tools at their disposal- makeup- but these days it’s just as common to find a gay man (and many straight guys) wearing bronzer or concealer, so that’s not such a big deal. No, I’m talking about the big guns- the ones that are hidden, but do so much for the female sex: bras.

When it comes to sex appeal and attracting a suitable mate, women have an arsenal of weapons at their disposal: padded bras, push-up bras, water bras, miracle bras- the options for cleavage enhancement are nearly endless. Are they uncomfortable and expensive? Sure, but they work.

Unfortunately, society has told us that it’s not exactly kosher for a man to run around showing off his junk- no matter what size they are. So while women have the option of putting their goodies on display for the world- even making them look much bigger, rounder, and more voluptuous than they really are- guys are stuck with what nature gave them. (And if we’re lucky, a nice brief that doesn’t squish everything and make it look flat when we’re wearing fitted pants...)



I recently discovered the male equivelent of the push-up bra, and I’ve got to tell you, I’m a BIG fan (pun intended). I don’t know if the Ball Lifter will change my life, but it certainly hasn’t hurt in the sex appeal department, and I have to admit that my self confidence has gone up a bit as I’ve noticed more guys noticing me.

Whether that number has actually increased or it’s just in my head is still up in the air; either way, I don’t care- I feel better about myself and my package looks fabulous!

And while I initially wrote the Ball Lifter off as some tacky thing that can’t really do much for your appearance, after trying a few on and wearing them around a bit, I had a change of heart. I admit, the idea of wearing what’s essentially a belted cock ring underneath your underwear doesn’t exactly sound too sexy, but I guarantee that once you’ve got it on and put your underwear and pants on, you’ll have a change of heart too.

The Ball Lifter’s also much more comfortable than I thought it would be. In fact maybe this is just me, but because I was wearing something down there that I don’t normally wear, it brought a slightly heightened sense of awareness to my goodies. That may have enhanced the experience as well.

The Ball Lifter is sold by Wildman T, and actually available in a few models, including the classic, an athletic version, and built into jockstraps, underwear and swimwear. Personally I prefer to use the Ball Lifter and Ball Lifter SPORT on their own with my own underwear, but I’m anxious to try the Jock Strap and new Slip Pouch.

Just to be clear, putting this on isn’t going to turn your member from a petite Snausage to a giant bratwurst, and you’re not going to look like a fool with a pair of gym socks stuffed down his pants. The difference is noticeable, but discreet. You’ll fill out your jeans a bit better, and if someone’s looking at you (like the UPS driver or the guy in the next cubicle!), you’re just a bit more likely to catch their eye- keeping it is all up to you.

You may laugh, but women have been enhancing their curves for hundreds of years. Don’t you think it’s our turn?

The Ball Lifter is available at starting under $20.

Update :: WildmanT has offered EDGE readers a 20% discount. Just enter WT-EDGE at checkout!

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"You may laugh, but women have been enhancing their curves for hundreds of years. Don’t you think it’s our turn?" Im not sure. i dont think it would be the same as women.