Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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Do Ya Bawlls Hang Low?

Now that's what I like to see... a nice, perky pair. These could be your bawlls, Harrison Ford, Iggy Pop and Crazy Nick Nolte. Old bawlls = droopy bawlls, but not anymore. Not with the Ball Lifter®. Say good bye to ya sad, droopy bawlls forever Mick Jagger, Mel Gibson and Regis. This nut-raising lil' contrapshun is a lifesava for ya saggin sack. Ya hear me talkin' David Letterman, Sly Stallone and Michael Douglas (and ya pop Kirk too)! Deb wouldn't just endorse any old nad product either (like this trash - the Ball Bra), the Ball Lifter® is a leada in nut-heightinin' technology. Just drop ya low hanging fruit into the straps and ta-da! Instant bawll buldge. This gets Deb's "Consuma Choice Awud". They outta send me some cash for this. And while at it, send a Ball Lifter® to Tommy Lee Jones.