Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Products! New Features!

The new Ball Lifter: Protruder has been unleashed! It is the newest in the growing line of The Ball Lifter® family. We did a soft launch (no pun intended) last Wednesday and the response was amazing! We blew right through our pre-shipment stock.

What is the Protruder? is kinda a cross between original The Ball Lifter and a cock-ring on steroids.

How does it work??? Much like The Ball Lifter, the key point is to keep the family jewels lifted out from between you legs to give you that extra push forward. The suspension strap does this. But the Protruder also includes the enhancements of a cock-ring. A cock-ring is intended to cinch the shaft and balls together to capture blood flow in the penis for added plumpness. Some people wear cock-rings for the look of fullness and others wear them to help for endurance during sex. Whatever the reason, most people find them sexy to look at or wear. So the Protruder lifts and plumpin's.

What makes it so special? Like I said, it suspends and cinches at the same time. But we took it a step further. We created a comfortable extra wide 1.25" cock-ring band that protrudes the shaft and balls forward...hence the Protruder!

Is it comfortable? Yes, it is made with elastic that moves with the body. However, please be aware, this is not like the original Ball Lifter, this one over extended periods of time could get uncomfortable so don't keep them boys cinched up for days:) Treat this product with as much common sense you would with a cock-ring.

So what are the new features? The website has added an exciting new feature for its viewers. Now customers can take photos of themselves wearing any of the wildmant products and send them to us to post not only in our Show Us Your Stuff gallery, but now potential shoppers can click on the customer photo galleries of the individual product they are looking at.