Monday, May 19, 2008

My Package is Fine!

As most of my readers know, this site is sort of the chronicles of creating We are a gay men’s underwear site. Then came The Ball Lifter® which gave us our most success. Most people that find us, think our products are great. Some however... not-so-much.

I get a kick out of people who write to certain blogs that dog other products and make fun of all kinds of things. The Ball Lifter has landed on some of these blogs from time to time and they just make me smile. People laughed at girls that stuffed their bras with tissue...then came the push-up or the padded bra. Same with men's under garments. You are finding some sort of "help" in all kinds of men's products these days. But those who may not understand the need, don't get the product. And that's fine with us.

Other's write to me telling me they like the new swim line but they don't need any extra help down there. Well that's great. (send pictures) Our new swim line has a matching built-in Ball Lifter Cock Ring. You don't need to need our products to enjoy them. Some people just like to show off while others find an erotic flair to wearing The Ball Lifter. The Cock Ring is not only adjustable but detachable too. If you like the suit but don't need the lift, just unsnap it and remove. We won't mind.

And the last and most common question I get is "Do you have to be gay to wear your products?" Well the answer is obviously no. It's just the way the world works. Gays do it first, the rest of the world follows a few years later. We love our gays and their forward thinking ways and design. Sorta like the US and British television. You can certainly enjoy the BBC before we convert the shows into American versions.

So whomever you are, whatever your needs are...if you want to wear it, wear it! I will support you...literally!

Now keep in mind, we do sell other items that don’t have The Ball Lifter or Cock Rings inside, we sell all kinds of underwear, swimwear and jocks.

Tim Wildman

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tim...I couldn't agree more with all of the above. I was persuaded to check out your lines....uh your line by my good friend Bobo (Bobby to all of you in Palm Springs). I have to say I love your lines ... your clothing line. I am very excited to purchase and sport them. And the BBC thing .... If only we could come up with our own scenarios here in the states. Looking forward to meeting you soon while I visit. Bobo thinks its destiny. Until then I keep my balls lifted.