Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Ball Lifter Jock Strap!

You asked for it, You got it! So many of you wrote us telling us how much you love our product but wanted to know if we were going to do different versions of it. The most common request was for the Jock Strap. And let me say, I freakin love it. (That's me in the photos)

Some people wanted to wear the product but were afraid of what would happen if you had an intimate moment with someone. Would The Ball Lifter freak someone out? Well now those who worried don't have to worry any longer. We made this product just for you. Sexy and discrete!

Personally, I always had fun showing off The Ball Lifter (just add booze and I get silly and let anyone stick their hands down my pants...is that wrong?) but I like the way this new Jock Strap looks so much that it may just become my new favorite clothing item.

Not only is The Ball Lifter Jock Strap sexy, but it is so comfortable and supportive and let's not forget the most important part, it makes your crotch look amazing!

It comes in three great colors. Orange and Yellow for the flashy boys out there and Khaki for the more reserved.

Buy up and have fun! And if you're gonna put it on, I say show it off!

-Wildman, Tim

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