Sunday, June 17, 2007

What's New?

A lot of new things are happening this month. First and most exciting, we have launched our first swimsuit! It is a two color panel design offered in a bikini or square cut. It comes in three great color combinations! I am personally in LOVE with them and they have a great fit!

The panel design is our first, but there will be more variations of the style released over the next week. Very exciting!

Second, as per your requests, the Adjustable Ball Lifter now comes in basic black and white. It is the Ball Lifter Sport. It has more of an athletic feel to it. It is my personal favorite out of the collection and I think it will become our most popular. We have had many requests in the past, but this past gay pride in LA, a friend of mine was proudly (and drunkenly) wearing his bright Rose colored Ball Lifter under his very thin white pants. Well, needless to say, as the day went on, and the sun got hotter, he started to get....well....moist and the Rose color started to show through. Ironically, this worked to his advantage. He had no complaints about bringing more attention to his crotch as he stumbled down Santa Monica BLVD. But...I realized, not everyone wishes to show off his Ball Lifter to every passer-by that is interested, hence the all white Ball Lifter. The black, just looks hot:)



Anonymous said...

Love the look of this suit and will purchase to see what it is like. I just purchased a couple from Boiish and love the all over lining. Fabric also seems thicker which is nice. The only drawback is that these do not have a drawstring. Since I am just turning 55 and fighting gravity, the Boiish is good except for the missing drawstring. With your company being so new, I thought you may consider catering to those who are a little older and still look good (or think we do) with thicker suits???

James in Vegas said...

Up until a month ago when I reached the age of 30 I did not even own a pair of underwear. I went bottomless. Well i deceided to change and went to the next best thing. The ball lifter. It gives me the look in tight jeans. Especially great when crusing the hot gay spots.