Friday, March 16, 2007

My Favorite

This has been an exciting month. I have been able to finally release my first line of underwear (life long dream) and today is the release of my favorite item in that collection. It is the two-toned low-rise bikini. It is offered in the two contrasting colors Pale Pink and Dust Blue and it made from the comfort baby rib like the rest of the line.

A few retailers has asked about wholesaling. We are currently only offering the WildmanT line exclusively at We would like to test the waters with the first few lines before we start wholesaling. However, special requests are not out of the question.

Keep tuned in, part two of the first line should be available sometime next month!

And a special thanks to all of those who have written me to complement me on….my cock. I never thought of myself as a “great cock” person – but I will take what I can get


Anonymous said...

do you have to be gay to wear these cool ass underwear. Im not but i like the style of them. let me know~!

wildmanT said...

Do you have to be gay...? Abosolutely not. A lot of straight people buy our products and a lot of women buy them for their boyfriends. Being gay just makes you a little cooler. It's an added bonus.

Anonymous said...

oh ok...thats good to know. I came across your web site in search of lowrise far this is the best place i have been able to buy them from...i think i have every color ha ha ha even the pink ones~

wildmanT said...

You know what they say. First the gays, then the girls and then the world!

Anonymous said...

Great Package!