Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lift's and Separates!

Well the old days of just women padding their braw or wearing the wonder bra for little extra attention are over. Gay men are now padding, lifting, choking...anything they can do to get a little extra emmmmph in their package.

Now when they came out with swimsuits with a cock ring built in, I was one happy pool-side Palm Springs dude. Nothing worse than having your goodies vanish with the sight of cold water. And some really work. My personal favorite is this understated suit. Doesn't yell - HEY look at my big fat cock. It just does its job in a modest square cut.

But what about the suspension jock? Or it's brother the snap jock. Both are jock straps with a cock-ring cut out of the middle to support your manhood. The snap jock has an additional cod's piece that snaps back on over your junk so you are not exposed...until you are ready to be.

Well decided to take her out for a test drive. I stuffed my junk through the whole, and put on my best True Religion jeans and I was out the door for some boys and cocktails!
At first I thought nothing of it. It was comfy, and I was very supported but either because I new it was there or because I was packing a little more extra heat....the boys had grabby hands all night long. (and yes I loved the attention)
The lucky gentlemen who I went home with later that night also found my hidden secret weapon quite hot himself and in fact tried it on (it turned out to be a fun night).
So I give the snap jock with suspension ring a THUMBS up (well something was up) and would recommend it to anyone.


Anonymous said...

Wow! this is way hot gear.
Can't imagine what the ass view would be!

Anonymous said...

ok a cock ring...what the hell...damn doesn't that hurt?

james said...

Most fantastic piece of equipment I have ever warn. Brings on the other guys stares.

Anonymous said...

Great for crusing.

james said...

I agree with the "great for crusing". It shows off what you have and then I unstap to expose what is necessary for a quickie gloryhole experience. Keep up the good work.

Josh from Las Vegas said...

Love the look of the understated suit with the built in cock ring. Model looks great. Love the tattoos. Show more men with tattoos on your site. Maybe a pierced nipple too??
Keep up the great site. I too love men in underwear.

Anonymous said...

I wore my snap jock with suspension ring for the first time this weekend to the local bath house. I wore it around under my towel. The comments were hot. The men I made it with that night two I gave your website to. They want to order. Hottest thing in the world..